I’m Amber (AKA Auntie KillJoy) and I’m happy and excited to make your acquaintance! I am a lifelong resident of Washington State, with the last…ahem…twenty-some…cough/mumble…years in the Seattle ‘burbs. I’m married to the boy I sat next to in high-school chemistry and never let go  (thank you, alphabetical order!) and we have two children who somehow got big and all college-y and independent. I’m still trying to figure out how THAT happened so quickly.  Oh, and dogs. Yes, I’m one of those people who spoil their canine besties–they don’t have sweaters or boots, but we do refer to ourselves as “momma and daddy” to our pets. I’m still trying to figure out how that happened too, but whatEVER.  I have a 180 pound Great Dane and a small mutt who’s mother was a purebreed beagle who went clubbing and seemed to have mingled with a cocker spaniel, a goat, and perhaps a wookie.  Yeah, he’s ugly, but we love him.

I’m also someone who likes to stay busy and likes to be creative and then gather those traits to learn something new.  I’ve made cheese (there’s nothing more special than the smell of an aging blue in the basement), I’ve gardened the heck out of my yard (which now is overtaken by blackberry bushes anyways-annoying but then PIE HAPPENS), I’ve taken concert photos and wrote for a large (and now defunct) music website…so many hobbies, so many yet to embrace.

For the past few years, I’ve fallen hard for textiles and vintage furniture. I reupholster, I’m dabbling in quilting, I hoard gorgeous vintage fabrics and brand new linen and have been caught by my family talking to my furniture stash, sort of like Gollum and his ring. I also like to cook. And paint furniture. And make cosmetic bags. And worship midcentury furniture.  I may have creative commitment issues, but I’m never bored (OK, that’s a lie. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to do anything but binge watch Netflicks. I’m not Superwoman, after all).

I also like to write and share and learn and teach, and I’ve missed the connection that can be made with others with similar interests who can be found across our virtual world. This is my blog, but really this is my shout out to you, the lover of creating, the lover of tutorials and new hobbies, the lover of LIFE and all that can be wrung from it.

Hello–Let’s be friends.