Welcome to my first blog posting. I’m going to just launch right in, talking like we are old friends because right now, nobody is following me but eventually lots will–including you!–and then you’ll go backwards, reading everything I’ve written because I’m so engaging and when you get here, we will be old friends.

At least, that is how I’m hoping this goes.

I figure this is like a time capsule. I have a vision of what I’ll write about and it will be interesting to see how this blog changes from that vision as time passes. Hopefully I don’t look back and wonder “what was I thinking?” like I do when looking at pictures of my style in high school…

But for now, I want to share…probably, sometimes overshare.  I want to tell you how I learned to do something and I want you to tell me how to do it better.  I want to inspire you to create and I’m dying to be inspired.  And maybe you can avoid making some of my dumb mistakes when I try something new.

Which brings me to the REAL subject of my first blog post (is there a drumroll plugin?  NO? That’s a miss, IMO).



At first glance this baby looks ok, doesn’t it? And I’m actually pretty happy with what I learned to make better ones. I’m thinking of selling them in my Etsy shop (which you should TOTALLY check out).

But this mini messenger bag Gave. Me. Fits.  Here’s how it went:

  1. Cutting out the pieces, I mis-cut 2, wasting the fabric. But I had more, so it was ok.
  2. The front panel had 3 pieces, with the middle with a pocket folded in. This pocket did not have a zipper. This pocket looked AWESOME after the top stitching.
  3. Said middle panel of the 3 panel front was sewn in upside down. Did I notice before I sewed the back panel on and cut the bottom so that it could be sewn together to give it three dimensions and a flat bottom.  What do you think?
  4. So…I sewed the upside-down pocket closed.  But I wanted a pocket.  “Hey” I thought, “I have zippers. I’ll put a zipper in”.
  5. I sewed around the zipper–and sewed the pocket closed around the zipper.  Seriously.
  6. Adding a lining pocket and making it ugly/fit fixed this snafu, but again.  Seriously.
  7. Time to Sew the Flap! It’s only 2 pieces, outside fabric and lining fabric! What can go wrong?!
  8. Sewed the outside fabric to the lining so that the wrong side was out when turned.  Noticed after the curves were clipped and trimmed.
  9. Decided to squint at the flap so that I could pretend it was done correctly. Moving on to the…
  10. Strap. Which rhymes with Crap. Which is the nicest word I used when dealing with this thing.
  11. First, it was too short by at least 1/2.  Second, it is really hard to figure out how to thread the strap onto the metal rings so that it looks right and works right. Like Advanced-Calculus-Hard.
  12. FINALLY figured out the strap. Celebrated with a cookie. Not a very good one–Husband wants to watch what he eats and I’m being supportive.  But a cookie none the less.
  13. Put the bag together for final sewing and then sewed around the opening.
  14. I sewed the straps into the lining–like, you could not see them but they were there, lumpy, between the outside and liner. Seam Ripper should be my nickname.
  15. Sewed the straps onto the bag correctly, turned everything right-side out, top stitched around the top, slung the bag over my head (straps too short but I don’t care–I’m almost done!)
  16. The inside pocket sewn to the liner was put in backwards.
  17. Ate another cookie.  This was not a celebratory cookie.  And it was more like 5 cookies.

But hey, now I know how to make a messenger bag! And I’m not letting all this trial and ERROR go to waste; I will make another, full sized messenger bag.

I’m thinking outside of linen, inside bright and cheery cotton print.  Maybe in a couple posts I’ll share how that goes down, and if it is ok, maybe I’ll do a DIY tutorial?  I LOVE THOSE…maybe you do too?